Testor's Multi-Purpose Sprayer Tested....

If you have a phobia about airbrushes but need to spray paints or coatings that are either difficult or impossible to brush on, this may be your ticket.

It is about $16 retail. I got mine at Wal-Mart for about that. You need wither a compressor (another reason many people shy away from air brushes) or a can of air, also sold at Wal-Mart. My local craft shop (we have no"hoppy shops") has them for about $20.

Now, how it worked. I have two bottles of Armor Sand and needed to paint an M60 Marine tank and I am am doing a T-72 in "what-if" livery. I used my trusty paint shaker (Mcro-Mark makes them) to get the paint ready. I also had come Model Master airbrush thinner. I mixed them about 1 part paint to 2 parts thinner or a little more in the "mixing jar" and hooked the tool up to the compressor (it comes with an adaptor).

Using broad strokes I painted both tanks. It worked fine. As all I wanted was 100% ccoverage it was pretty close to what a rattle can would do. It did just fine!

It was not hard to clean. I have some brush cleaner, so I poured some in the bottle and sprayed a litte to clear it out, then took off the bottle and cleaned out the rest of the sprayer. Do not shake the bottle, as it has an air vent at the top and I spilled some.

What it will not do is details. So, if you need details, forget this tool. For wide coverage it is great.

Functionality 10 Ease of use 10 Applications 7 (no details) Overall 9


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