Thinking about getting out of modeling

I am giving serious thought to getting rid of all my models somewhere
between 500 and 600 kits don't want e-bay to much hassle any ideas on how I
might go about this if I so decide to get out? TIA
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"Daryl" wrote in news:AW%ud.3900$N%6.3799@trnddc05:
Box them up and send them to me. I'll pay the shipping and give them a good home.
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Gray Ghost
I'll top that.I'll give you a shiny new penny on top of the postage.Might be the start of a new hobby!
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I'm doing the same thing, sort of. I'm not getting out of the hobby, just downsizing the collection to a more realistic size for a 1 bedroom apartment.
I've been selling them at the local model club (Silicon Valley Scale Modelers in Milpitas, CA). Sell them at half retail price and they will sell well. The extra money is nice but even nicer for me is the extra room in my apartment. If you're worried about getting your "investment" back, you might not want to go that route.
I started with 700+ kits. I'm down to 475. My goal is to get it down to less than 200.
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Gary Kato
Please send me a list of the models you are getting rid of. I would love to assist you in thining the herd!
Gary Kato wrote:
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Like the original poster, I'm avoiding the hassle of mailing kits and checking credit cards/checks/Paypal just selling them at the loal modeler's meeting. This way the customer gets to look at the kit to see the condition and I get cash. Very simple. Plus, I might get to see one of those long stashed kits actually built (if someone could prod Brian Sakai to get that D.510 done).
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Gary Kato
become a vendor at your next club contest/show
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500 and 600 kits don't want e-bay to much hassle any ideas on how I might go about this if I so decide to get out? TIA>>
Donate to a local kids club, have a Make-and-Take of your own or sponsred by your local modeling club, donate them to the modeling club for a raffle at the next contest, donate them to a VA hospital or Vets organization. Consign them to a local hobbyshop, at least you could make a buck or two.
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Depending on how you value your time, swap & sell events may be the most effective.
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The Raven

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