Thinning Tamiya Acrylics?

I have heard of people using windshield washer fluid as a thinner. Has
anyone used this method with Tamiya acrylics?
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Michael Streckert
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Yes. Works for me.
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Wayne C. Morris
Same here.
John Benson ------------------------ IPMS El Paso Web Guy
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John Benson
Coming in very late..............
I use a 50/50 mix of IPA and H20. Works great for me. I use Tamiya for all my detail work (cars mostly) leaving the gloss body colors to Testors enamels and the like.
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The Raven
I use straight isopropyl alcohol. My airbrush use of Tamiya is limited to white and yellow, since the white sems to have better opacity than any other white, and when I use yellow, I'm overspraying that white and want the paints to be compatible. I might pick up some red for the same reason.
Mark Schynert
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Mark Schynert

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