Thoughts on light and painting.

Setting up a new hobby room. I've got an overhead 4 bulb fixture for primary
Is there any thought on light color for painting vs display? I have daylight,
soft whtte, warm white, etc. They all seem to affect paint color to an
extent. Most contests are under flouresent lights.
I would sorta think more whitish like the daylight bulbs (LEDs). Any
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Frank Tauss
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Hi Frank. In my shop(garage) I have improved the lighting through a LED shop light from CostCo. Much brighter than the former fluorecent shop light. Still need some other external directable light for those tiny parts for the 1/700 ships. Concerning color:
formatting link

will give you lots of info, but my shot is that the lights in your shop should really match your proposed display area so that your displayed colors match as best you can those that you experiment with and decide look right to you.
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Frank Tauss on Sat, 23 Sep 2017 17:17:52 -0000 (UTC) typed in rec.models.scale the following:
If you want to paint for the contests, then paint for fluorescent lighting.
Otherwise, paint for the lighting you normally display under.
>I would sorta think more whitish like the daylight bulbs (LEDs). Any >thoughts? > >Frank
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pyotr filipivich

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