Thread request for comments on benefits of masking tape v. clamps, etc..

saw some blue plastic jam slide clamps in the modelexpo catalog and
was curious if clamping produces better results when gluing fuselage/
wing sections.
I have always used tape but I have found that tape will hide any
unlevel area that you don't discover until its too late. tape may
also put uneven stress which may put a seam out of alignment..
what do you all do to get that smooth seam? tape ? clamps ? rubber
bands ?
thx all - Craig
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I agree. While I occasionally use tape, I use clamps more frequently. There are some bargain clamps out there now, plastic ones that come in big plastic containers that contain about twenty small "X" clamps. I also use clothspins for clamps- wooden ones that I saw the ends to a sharper point than the way they come.
I always use clamps on wings, tape sometimes on fuselage. One additional problem with masking tape is that glue that oozes from the joint can wick under tape and damage the surface the tape is on. But too strong a clamp can warp the fuselages more than tape. Those bar clamps may be nice if you can regulate the pressure applied.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
I got a hint from Rufis a while back. I bought some of the Berna Assemblers that are made by Zona. They work great. I also picked up some large diameter spring clamps from Mantua . Here are a couple of links to see what they look like:
formatting link
formatting link
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Count DeMoney

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