Thrift Store Score!

I go to this little local thrift store sometimes with my wife and I always
look for plastic while there. I pick up the odd car kit but not very
often. So, what do I see there today? Oh my God! A Tamiya F-117, Panda
F35 and Italerie F-22, all in 1/48 and all still sealed! All for about
$13! Yeah, it took about a microsecond to decide! And I almost didn't go!
I'm so stoked. Now, go down to *your* thrift store and score!
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We just got a Michael's nearby.
Just a handful of model aircraft, a few more cars. Nothing very inspiring, prices medium to high.
My wife likes it, though. She's a special ed teacher and this place is crammed floor to celing with stuff. Add to that the $50 gift certificate that she won on the first visit and she's convnced.
Manager took my written request for more 1/72 scale aircraft models with a couple of good questions and jotted down the request.
Tme will tell.
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Local Salvation Army had a German Revellogram OA4M. Dirty box and water damage, but the parts cleaned up and the sheet looks mostly usable for the Marine markings. It's almost like a moral choice--you take something abandoned and turn it into a real model.
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Tom Cervo
Keep an eye in your local Saturday or Sunday paper for Michaels ads, they typcially run a 40-50% off coupon good on any one item, every week. Make sure you browse the ad because they do from time to time advertise plastic model kits for 20% and thus the coupon isnt valid.
definitely worth picking up an RM F-15E at 40% off, if your store stocks 'em!
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the one here hasn't added a kit in a year and has nothing worth having. it's two hours to a model shop. ebay is actually cheaper considering $2.50 gas.
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typcially run a 40-50% off coupon good on any one item, every week>>
And, do like my sister does when buying art supplies for my nephew... if it's a coupon sale, gather a few from various papers and purchase each item seperately, thus getting a discount on each item, or, if it's a non-coupon discount, have the cashier complete the sale on each item seperately (ring it up, total it, tax it and pay for it) regardless of what each item may be, or what its price is. It's a pain for anyone else in line behind you, so be a bit courteous and find a cashier that's not doing anything, or keep going back in line if need be, but they have to give you the discount n every item that way.
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Long time ago, in a Red Cross shop... I picked up a Tamiya LandRover ambulance and M-113, and an Italeri Dodge ambulance for $10 the lot (and they only wanted $2.50 each. What can I say - I'm a sucker for a charity). Just recently sold the ambulances (ambulancii?) to one of the club guys for $10 each... and the 113 is (slowly) being converted into an Aussie FSV. And the ex once found an old Revell 72th Mirage III for about a buck. Didn't build too badly for a piece of history.
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Rob Grinberg
About 10 years ago I am in this antique store in Cannonsburg PA with my wife, looking for nothing in particular, when I happen upon this display case (like the old candy counter cases with the wood frame and glass on all sides and top). Lots of odds and ends but in the middle was a Revell USS Kearsarge - still in the original cellophane (remember that?). Some tears in the cello but still a basically sealed kit. Price - $36.00. You betcha I bought that before they figured out what it was really worth. At the time they went for over $100 on e-bay - when you could find one.
Stuff is out there - just keep your eyes open. And don't whine next time the wife wants to go to the antique stores!
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