To All who Celebrate it Have a Great 4th of July

My thoughts for everyone here at home at Home & abroad as well who will
celebrate the 4th of July. I hope that you have a very safe and well
planned out Holiday.
If you're going to be on the road plan for lots of extra time because of
traffic and make it your mission to arive and then return in one piece.
Have the absolute best time you can with family & friends.
And I hope that you would now take just a moment to remember all of
those who are in Harms Way around the Globe to ensure all the Freedoms
which we enjoy so much including All the celebrations for Tuesday
As for me i'm going to be in my back yard most of the time. As some of
you kow i'm a Dialysis Patient. And it Just so happens that I have my
regular Dialysis treatment is Tuesday Night from 7 to 11. So there's No
Fire-Works for Me i'm guessing.
Yes I am on Dialysis now three nights a week for four a night. It would
seem both of my Kidneys have Failed and Dialysis seemed to be the best
option at the time we talked it over. If there's a Transplant in my
Future only Time and the Great Maker will have any knowledge of these
things with any degree of certain it at all.
So to everybody here please have a Safe and a Fun filled 4th of July
okay ...... :)
It has become a Moral Imperative for me to Fire UP the Out-Door Grill on
the 4th. =A0
Sooooo , I have just got to Kill and Cook something. It doesn't really
much matter what it is. But never-the-less it Has to be Done. After all
it's the American Way and I do try my very Best to follow it and then to
Lead my children to it by My example.
Yesss , it's Burgers & Hot Dogs & Potato Salad for everyone if the rain
holds back.
=A0... cyberborg ..........
aka-- RAMA LAMA BIG BORG .... :)
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cyberborg 4000
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What's your blood type?
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wish you the best and will sacrifice a couple of goats and a version or two. like the man asked, what's your blood type?
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Congratulations on having the energy to do that whilst on dialysis. Burn something light! :)
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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I'm not really quite sure why you asked me about my Blood Type. But I do thank you for doing so. My Blood Type is A+
Would you tell me why you wanted to know that.
Thanks very much and have a Great 4th
... cyberborg ..........
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cyberborg 4000
Ya never know where a kidney donor may crop up. Life is funny that way.
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