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Parade in Larkspur/Corte Madera attracted over 15,000 people. Only two

>of the Garbarino military vehicles, most do the parade in Novato. We >skip that one because of the holy rollers with their incessant "we are >the one true religion everybody else is going to hell" bullshit. They >hijacked that parade years ago. For the first time in years there were >no 'anti-war" entries. These had abandoned the "anti-war" premise and >showed their actual anti-Israel, anti-Jews platform a couple of years >back. A great many spectators had begun to stand and turn their backs >on these morons, with a few of our younger citizens dropping their >pants at the same time. > >Every year we see more and more people standing and removing their >hats when the color party passes by. At least in this area the actual >meaning of the 4th, as well as Veteran's Day and Memorial Day, are >having a re-birth. > >We skipped to county fair yesterday because of the crows. Going today >instead. Love the booths, especially the one with micro tools. Saved a >few bucks for that one today. > >Cheers, > >Tom > >

what kind of crows, tom? did you have more than one murder of crows? were they migratory or just showing the colours? we're celebrating today. yesterday was a work day.....we learned that the 4th of july was the busiest day for car parts and repair work. the shade tree american patriot was fixing his import and muscle cars......

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