Transfering from tin to jar - humbrol paint

Is there a way that does not contaminate the paint, to transfer every single drop from the Humbrol tin into a jar?

I have tried the thinned method, but that destroys the consistancy of the paint.

Short of drilling a hole in the base of the tin, which may or may not put metal fragments into the paint I do not know what to do?

Also, give how brake fluid works on paint on a model, would it work just as well on paint that has dried in a paint jar?

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I transferred from tin to jar successfully before. Since the tin is junked anyhow, use needlenose pliers to yank a spout out of the metal lip. You're still not going to get it all, but what you do get should be fine. I wouldn't thin it first.

Good luck!

--- Tontoni

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Stephen Tontoni

Just noticed that the metal rim is quite weak. A pair of pliers was enough to compact the metal to make a lip.

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I normally just pour the liquid part into the jar and use an Xacto #17 blade to spoon out the rest. Works pretty well -- some of the colors are still good after 20 years in a bottle.

Cookie Sewell

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