Tu-22 Blinder info..

Does anyone know what the ejection seats were on the Blinder?

Help me please..


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William L. Powell
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I'd have to look at my references (don't have them at hand right now, I'll check at home) but I think they were the same seats used on the Tu22m (KT-1?). There are some photos on the Aerofax book on the Tu-22/Tu-22m and on an WAPJ issue about Blinder and Backfire (summer '98 if I'm not wrong). The latter was also published on the new book from Airtime about Tupolev Bombers (Tu-16/Tu-95/Tu-22/Tu-22m/Tu-160).

I don't think there's any aftermarket seat available, however (from memory) the KS-3/4 (Sukhoi 9/11/15) should be close enough. It's available from Neomega.

Hope this helps

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They are K-22 ejection seats.

AFAIK, there are no resin or white metal ones available - but as Yuri says - the KS-3/4 seat looks very similar.

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Ken Duffey

A correction.

I checked my references: they are K-22, not KT-1. However the strange feature of the Blinder is that the seats are lowered under the plane for crew access. This means that you can see the seats only while the crew is boarding the plane (I don't think they left parked Blinders with seats lowered) because the windows are so small that you see very little inside the cockpit. I'd use Neomega KS-3/4 (only the side frames are a little different).

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