Pictures of Tupolev TU-22 Blinder

I have an old ESCI kit of the above aircraft and I plan to build it with the ejection seats in lower position. The crew entered the AC from below and then hoisted the seats into position. I need some pictures of the seats in low position. Can anyone help me to find good pictures please?

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I have one -- a bit fuzzy but..... I'll e-mail it to you

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There is a good colour photo of the seats in the lowered position on a Tu-22UD trainer in the Aerofax book on the Tu-22/22M.

This is slightly different to the bomber in that the rear seat faces forward on the -UD and the rearwards on the bomber.

The same photo is also in the Airtime book on Russian bombers - but it is smaller.

There is also a B&W photo of the seats - this time on the bomber version - in the Aerofax book.

I'll email you some scans of both.

I'm not sure which would be the best resin seat to use though - there isn't a specific one for the Blinder available - although it looks a bit like a KS-1/KS-4 - so you may be able to modify one.

Let us know how you get on...........

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