Allied Equivalent to the German 88?

Well, we did not need it for AAA purposes, but did the Allies have/use a
mobile type anti-tank artillery piece like the 88?
thx - Craig
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Yes. The US had the M1 and later in the war the M2 90mm AA gun, but rarely used them for antitank purposes from their mounts. (M3 gun from T26E3 and M36 was an adapted version, from what I recall.)
The British had the 3.7" (94mm) AA gun but again never used it for AT as far as I know. Again, a variant of the gun was adapted and mounted in prototypes like the Tortise.
The Soviets had a good 85mm M1939 gun and it was used on occasion, but mostly the ballistics were lifted and used for the D-5T and ZiS-S-53 guns.
As far as I know, I think there is a resin kit of the 3.7" but not of the others at this time.
Cookie Sewell AMPS
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Breda made a 90/53 used for AA and AT. Truck and track mounted for AT use. Cri.el makes the AA version, the truck mounted version and the tracked version. You can see them on our site at:
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i've read accounts of the germans firing flare to blind the enemy during attacks, following up with 88 rounds to clear tanks. did the 88 fire a flare round, or was it that wierd flare gun that also shot grenades?
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Cookie you know that I admire and respect your vast knowledge of all things militaire but I must beg to differ. This a quote from the ordance museum Aberdeen proving grounds
the site is:
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"UNITED STATES 120-MM ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN: This 30 ton anti-aircraft weapons system was used during World War 11. It was moved into position by a prime mover. A remote control system points and trains the gun. These operations may be accomplished manually by the use of landwheels. "
If this data is incorrect or not stated correctly please point me to a more correct site. I really would like to know as I have several of the old kits. They really do build into a nice model.
I do agree with you concerning the sky sweeper though I'm unable to find any concrete evidence about this weapon, just a reference here and there. No real data as to it's deployment. There is one of these weapons outside the American Legion home post 127 in Buford Ga about 20 miles from my home. I need to check it again to see if there may be any legible data plates surviving. There are no boogies, it just sits there weathering nicley, pointing not to menacingly into the sky :)
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ian hogg says they were used against v1's. he also calls the skysweeper "too late to enter service". ballentine books, the guns 1939-1945 -ian hogg.
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The British equivelent was the 3.7 inch AA gun. Strangley given the proven abilityof the 88 didnt inspire anyone to make AT rounds for it, the specs for both guns were very similar
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David Amos

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