Semi OT: What was the Allied Equivalent to the German 88mm ?

did the Allies have anthing close?

thx - Craig

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Probably the 90mm AA gun.

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Dave Williams

The closest weapon in tank performance was probably the British 17-pdr as it could cause about the same amount of damage. Both the Soviet

85mm and American 90mm were modified from antiaircraft guns and had good performance but not as high as that of the 17-pdr.

Realize that there is more legend than reality with the 88mm gun and unless desperate most of the antiaircraft guns were not used as antitank guns. The ones the GIs complained about were more likely

105mm leFH 18 howitzers, as they didn't generally ever fire artillery missions either.

Cookie Sewell

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Yep, I was just reading up about the 88 and was surprised to find that there is more myth than truth. The reality was that there weren't that many of them, were bulky to move around and difficult to hide. The very vast majority of German anti-tank engagements used 37mm, 57mm and 75mm PAKs.

Of coarse they did have some very convincing successes but these have grown into legend. A bit like every downed luftwaffe pilot in the Battle of Britain was a victim of the Spitfire.



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Nigel Heather

The UK used the 3.7" AA Gun if you want a direct comparison for the AAA role. It was used occasionally as a very successful ATk gun, but never dual-roled like the 88mm


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Chris Hughes

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