Unusual Panther color

Hi, Has anyone ever made a .... pink Panther? ;) Will I be the first?


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Ron Smith

I gave my daughter an old Aurora Panther that was reboxed with a Monogram P-51. I helped her paint it pink.

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Dunno about Panthers but I once read an article on converting a Tiger to a later version. I think it was written by Chris Ellis? Anyway, there were pictures of the model before the final paint job which showed the model in a sort of harlequin pattern of pink undercoat and white plasticard to show where new panels had been added. Sure enough the very next book I opened on real tanks showed a picture of a newly-built Tiger being rushed to the front in Italy. It was painted in a mixture of pink and white undercoated panels!


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Um, this isn't to come up with a match for the legendary Czech "Pink Stalin," is it? 8-)

Cookie Sewell

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I'm confused about whether "Panther" means an F9F or an Sd.Kfz.171 :-D

The SAS used to use (and possibly still do) landrovers for patrol in the desert which were painted pink and referred to as "Pink Panthers". Tamiya actually marketed a kit of one.

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For deployment to the desert, shortly before the Gulf War, many RAF aircraft were repainted in a sand colour that was known as "desert pink", even though it didn't look in the least bit pink. These aircraft rapidly became known as "pink panthers".

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Enzo Matrix

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