Uses for THIN CA glue?

an art supply store near work is going out ot biz, 50% off

I've always used CA gap filling as I always have gaps.

uses for thin CA glue? they have it but do not want to buy if its used for build situations I don't work in.

thx - Craig

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I dunnno, "Krazy Glue" is pretty thin and I've been using that stuff for years as my primary adhesive. It's always worked well enough for me.

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The Old Man


The thin CA glue is fantastic *ANYWHERE* capillary action is wanted. You can put a drop on the join between two close fitting parts and capillary action carries the CA along a long section of the joint -- like using liquid styrene cement.

Some people add thickeners to decanted CA glue to thicken it to the consistency they want for gap filling.

Cheers from Peter

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Master Gunner

Any time you have a tight fitting joint, the thin will work. I usually keep a bottle of both on the bench, use the thin if parts fit well together, use the gel if either there is a gap or if I need slower drying for better positioning (i.e, long joint). I basically use the thin anywhere I could use liquid cement, but want a quicker bond.

Ordinarily I use the liquid cememt on tight fitting joints because it is cheaper, but the quick bond is nice for well fitting joints on assemblies that would be hard to clamp.

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Don Stauffer

True enough, but I've come to find that a clear part coated in Future (which I do after painting canopy lines) is resistant to frosting by CA.

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