V Bombers in 144 Scale

I'd like to model the Vulcan, Valiant and Victor in 1/144 but I'm struggling to find kits; recommendations, please?

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Just Welsh Models as far as I know

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are vacform with white metal fittings I think Densil is in the process of redoing the vulcan at least partly in resin, more expensive but easier build.

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Dave Swindell

and Victor in 1/144 but I'm

There was a plastic model of the Victor. I got one (a repop of another, unknown company) from a short-lived company out of Las Vegas back in the early 1970s. International Models or some such. It's a desktop, no landing gear and has real thick plastic. They also did a Britainia and a bunch of other kits. Like I said, someone else's molds; who's, I haven't a clue. It's been started, but if you'd like it and are willing to pay postage, send me an e-mail and I'll tell you where to send the money. Regards,

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The Old Man

Since you said 'kits' I guess you already know about Corgi's Victor in die-cast metal. Plastic ones would be great if reasonably priced. BTW, the latest Flyer has the new Minicraft C-130 in 1/144th. As Al S and I speculated, they are at gold-plated price levels.

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Mad Modeller

I'm okay with vac-forms, but was a little worried that they may be a bit too small for my clumsy techniques! A friend has just finished the Revel 1/72 Victor and that's BIG, so I may try the smaller scale and see how I go on.

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