Vallejo Paints and Thinner ?

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As a new user of the Vallejo water-based acrylic paints, I am generally very impressed with its capabilities and the finishes is produces.

I have a question though about thinning and using the Vallejo Model Air and Model Colors. Does anyone have first hand experiences with thinning these fine water-based acrylics? I have been successful in diluting them with the Vallejo Thinner (no. 061), but the largest container I've been able to locate is only a 32 ml. sized bottle. Though roughly twice the size of the standard sized Vallejo colors, it is still a small container and I am hoping to find another, much larger (and less expensive) sized container of a substitute thinner to use. Has anyone tried any of the various other commercial thinners (Tamiya 'X-20A' acrylic thinner) or alcohol to thin the Vallejo paints for airbrush use?

I would appreciate any feedback or information any fellow plastic scaled model has. Thanks ahead of time for your assistance and cooperation.


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