Verlinden 1/72 P-40N update set judged

and found wanting.
I'm starting work on my latest model (Hasegawa 1/72 P-40N in RAAF
markings), and wanted to get some aftermarket details to incorporate
into the project. I tried to solicit/locate reviews of Verlinden's
update set for the P-40N, but couldn't find any.
I then took a chance and purchased the Verliden update set anyway,
mainly because it had an exposed engine compartment and flaps, in
addition to the usual resin cockpit details. Big mistake. I've been
comparing the parts to photos in Detail & Scale and other books, and
Verlinden screwed up. The engine compartment doesn't right in
comparison to the photos, the wells for the flaps are all wrong, and
the cockpit details do not match photos of the actual airplane. I'm
pretty annoyed right now. It really looks like Verlinden fudged it to 'kind of' look like the prototype, but then got
lazy and in no way dotted their 'i's or crossed their 't's. I guess
I'm out $14, but that's the last time Verlinden gets my hobby money
until I've heard they've improved.
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