WANTED: Flying Cloud

To post again. I'm looking for a Revell Flying Cloud plastic ..around
3 feet in length, roughly 1 : 96 scale.
Thank You for your help.
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Flying Cloud
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To repeat AGAIN, no such animal was ever molded.
Fly> To post again. I'm looking for a Revell Flying Cloud plastic ..around
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Ron Smith
I was never sure.. I recieved conflicting comments on the scale. So if any vendor had his newsreader up and running, I'm interested in any scale/manufacturer at this point. I have read that I could follow the Cutty hull lines, with the rigging channels running outside the hull, in which case that would be fine, but from what I've googled about, the Cloud's bow isn't as tapered as that of the Cutty...I'm still data-mining before I just throw some lumber together. A plastic hull would give me easy means to mic out the specs and calibrate the laythes accordingly.
Thanks for the note about Revell. Perhaps a market oversight is in place here.
Checkers does sell more than chess, I suppose.
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Flying Cloud
"MrWiggiles" wrote in news:QfEsg.5032$ snipped-for-privacy@news02.roc.ny:
You're very welcome, glad to help.
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