What happened to MV Products lenses?

What happened to MV Products lenses? Went to get some and nobody (or few actually) folks seem to have them.

I was able to find some 128 and 136 ones, mostly clear with a few black and red. But I remember when these were like the coolest accessory ever. Honestly I couldn?t figure out what size I needed and there never seemed to be a good reference. 2 days ago I found out what sizes work best. Now of course they seem hard to find.

Walther?s is low stock with unknown restock dates. Other guys claim they got ?em and can get more, even though MV has gotten slow.

I got mine from Sprue Brothers and a railroad model shop I?d never heard of until I did a web search.

Anyone have the real poop?

(Yes Cookie, I?m redoing the headlights on the M55) 8)


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Try Walthers

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which is THE model railroad supplier for the US. They have the entire line (less those they sell out of but the website order menu will tell you that).

Cookie Sewell

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Gray Ghost wrote: : What happened to MV Products lenses? Went to get some and nobody (or few : actually) folks seem to have them. : My understanding is that Walthers is trying to strong-arm their suppliers into bar coding everything. If you have seen a MV lens package, you know there is little room for a bar code, and I doubt they want to undertake the expense of adding a bar code.

Model railroad shops may be a good place to try, I suppose it depends on who they get their product from...


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Bruce Burden

snipped-for-privacy@aol.com wrote in news:6004c543-1cd5-45a6-a643-4b9c0bd4b655 @bl1g2000vbb.googlegroups.com:

125 products, most not in stock, most unknown expected restock. That?s all .116, .128 and .136. Which are the sizes we as armor modelers need. Except yellow and blue. Which I?m not sure we need.

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Bruce?s explanation sounds plausible.

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Gray Ghost

snipped-for-privacy@austin.rr.com (Bruce Burden) wrote in news:ioqq3g$p54$1 @speranza.aioe.org:

I can sympathize as to why they want to barcode. I?ve seen the packages, their should be enough room.

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