Any one know what happened to Bean Products? servo controllers

A few years back I purchased a small servo controller that connects to the serial port of a PC. It came with some basic programs to control the servos. Unfortunately, shortly after purchasing it I wound up in a job that had me traveling extensively and never did anything with it.

Now after several years and a couple of moves later, I found this controller in a box and would finally like to built a robotic project. Unfortunately, I have since lost the documentation for the controller, and am unable to find the company on the web.

Anyone know if they are still around or have changed their name?

The controller is based on a Motorola MC68HC705C8A processor and looks like it can control up to 7 servos. I believe that I have v1.20 of the controller.

I also have a couple of old Palm VII sitting around that I would like to use in conjunction with this servo controller (instead of a pc)....

I would love to also hear about any projects out there using a Palm VII for robotic or data acquisition.

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Many Thanks to Mark Lerman the creator of the serial servo controller. And thanks for the quick response!

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