WTB...Looking for Heller 1/72nd 707.....

I am looking for a Heller Boeing 707 airliner in 1/72nd scale. If you have one
for sale or can tell me where one can be found I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Swede
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As far as I know, the 707-300B kit is still in production, with LH and AF decals. It is listed on
formatting link
At worse, I probably can locate one here in France and have it shipped at actual cost.
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Francois Airault
Hi, Seen one actually today ; 52.20? plus 24.40? shipping US. Rather xpensive, but the shop is reliable. Your call... Francois-
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Francois Airault
You're looking at $85 US there, Swede. Unless you absolutely positively need it NOW, perhaps cruise eBay or some of the online shops? The E-3s I know are essentially 707s with a radome added and the windows blocked off. If you plan to use aftermarket decals, I know most of the 1/72 sets have passenger windows to use with an E-3 kit, and they are relatively cheap at shows, etc. Kim M
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