Entex 1/144 Concorde

It arrived today and though there isn't a box the instruction sheet lists it as 1/144. The wingspan is 7 inches but I'm unaware of the prototype's span to calculate from. By the same reson, I can't tell if it's a model of a prototype plane or not. I have some fun reading when I dig out my references!

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@verizon.net:

Looking at my 1/144 Concordes...

The full size ones are 83'10" span, the prototype length 184'6" and the production 191'6"

Airfix proto: len 15 3/8", 7" span

Revell: 17 1/8" long, 7" span

The proto has a shorter tail aft of the fin - this whole area has a smaller diameter. The other main difference is the nose. The proto is shorter. The supersonic windscreen is different as well, IIRC.

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Peter Baxter wrote in news:5Ay1c.41363$C65.39297 @nwrddc01.gnilink.net:

Oops replying to my own post.

Hmm, shouldn't trust instructions...

The production length above is incorrect. It should be 202'4"

According to the Airfix instructions the pre-production aircraft are


A quick google gave

formatting link
lots of info.

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