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Hi, i was just wondering if anyone knew where to get a model of a 1/144 (or similar) navy lynx. I have searched to internet, found the right model but it was the wrong scale There dosent seem to be anyone who sells one? anyone know where i could get one?

thanks Richard

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Not quite the right scale but there is/was a 1/150 vacform out there. Its the only vac model I've completed and came with a multimedia HMS Sheffield that I completed as my only R/C attempt. Unfortunately, off-hand I can't remember the manufacturer. Something like P-B models. Definitely British.


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Phillip Treweek

If you're referring to the Royal Navy Lynx helicopter, I recall that Fujimi released a series of small scale, probably 1/144 scale, helicopters in the mid-'80s. I remember getting a UH-1N USAF Huey model and there were several others in the series (miniatures of their

1/72 chopper kits). One of them might have been a RN Lynx.


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I recall that


I don't recall the Fujimi models, but Hasegawa certainly released a range of small scale helicopters during the mid-late 80's. I have two of these in my collection - a Jetranger in LAPD markings and a MD500 in California Highway Patrol markings. Could these be the ones you are thinking of?

The boxes give no indication of the scale, but it is obviously somewhere between 1:72 and 1:144. Possibly 1:100???

I don't recall seeing a Lynx in this range.

Best wishes & Merry Christmas!! James V.

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James Venables

thanks all, i'll have another look


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