3D motion SW ?

I would like to know if there is any software that is able to convert SW
3D diagrams into animate ones?
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I haven't yet installed SW2005, and maybe it has some new magic stuff (Mike Wilson makes it sound good, and he's no pushover), but I use Bulents Screen Recorder to make AVI files. Basically you get to designate an area of the screen (a frame)to capture. In one mode you can allow it just to run while you move your SolidWorks part or assembly and it records automatically. In another mode you take a shot, then move your SW part or assembly however you like, take another shot, etc.. Either way it will combine all your shots into an AVI file. Lets you discard shots and duplicate shots (to slow the motion), specify the frames per second, etc.. Version 1.5a was free, but the newest version (2.4b) is shareware. Latest and greatest is at
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The earlier version is still available at
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's-Screen-Recorder.phtml. 'Sporky'
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