I just recieved a spaceball 3003 to use on my Computer.
I'm running Windows XP 2000
I have the Driver for 3d connection, but I need a add on program called
3Dx SolidWorks.
3d connexion does not support this product anymore.
Does anyone out there know were I can get this program, or is there
someone who can send it to me?
I would really appreciate it.
Thank you
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I just happened to have had a spaceball 3003 a few years back on an old laptop. I had since retired the laptop, but recently donated it to my company to use for simple text editing on the shop floor. When I read your post, I rememberd it was here, and went down to check it out. Your in luck, it still had the spaceball files on it. The file is: 3DxSolidsWorks_v2-4-0_win32.exe This is the add in file for solidworks. I also have the original driver file, but it sounds like you only need the plug in. Let me know where to send it, and Merry Christmas.
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Thank you Very Much.
If possible please send the driver just in case.
I have 2 Addresses Please forward to both.
I really appreciate this
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