64-bit should I get it, do I need it, will it help?

There are mutterings of getting me a new computer here at work, $3K will likely be tops they'll pay. I've been happy with my Xi, I spec'ed a nice one but it came to about $4.5K ...

I'm wondering about what sort of processor to get, and should I get a

64-bit? If I get a 64 bit CPU can I run standard SWX or do I need the 64-bit SWX? And if I get the 64-bit SWX will my boss who's running standard SWX be able to use files I create on 64-bit.

I'll want to stick with XP if possible.

Any advise appreciated.


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(I answer this for the 12th time, maybe we need a 64 bits FAQ...)

- all processors now are 64 bits

- a 32 bits OS can't handle more than 4 Gb of RAM, of wich only 2 (or

3) can be used by applications. 64 bits OS gives you access to a MUCH larger RAM

- so the ONLY benefit of SolidWorks on Windows XP or Vista x64 is that you can handle very large assemblies. No speed gain.

- so the version of SolidWorks (32 or 64) must match the version of Windows (32 or 64) you're using. The processor doesn't matter (they're all 64bits now)

- files are the same, you can mix them with your bosse's

- if you choose a x64 OS and SW, beware of 1) the drivers you need (printer...) make sure they run on x64 2) the SolidWorks addin you use, from SW or from partners. They also need to be compiled for x64

my advice : working with very large assemblies that you cannot load fully resolved on a 32 bits OS? then go for a x64 OS (with 8Gb of RAM...), otherwise stick with a 32 bits OS.

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Philippe Guglielmetti

"> (I answer this for the 12th time, maybe we need a 64 bits FAQ...)

Thank you Philippe-the 12th time finally got through to me. I never asked myself, but I have been wondering about all of this. I would read threads on this and came away just as confused as before. Now I get it.


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John Kreutzberger

Yes, thank you for taking the time to clarify the situation.

Much appreciated.

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Not true. You can install SolidWorks 32-bit on Windows XP x64.

As far as CPU, right now I'd suggest going with the fastest dual core CPU you can fit in your budget. SolidWorks doesn't multithread all that well yet. Also, get the fastest single video card you can fit in your budget (I'd shoot for either the FX 3700 or FX 4600). You should be able to do that easily for $3k.

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