A Beginner Needs your Help

Can you setup a Mapkey (keyboard shortcut) to set your View to Default
Mode? How is this accomplished? I'm going to Tools ? Customize ?
Keyboard?but I see no Default View?
Can you use your Function OR Number keys for Keyboard Shortcuts?
I'm trying to create shortcuts to cut down on the time I'm trying to
search for a menu pick. So if any of you have any advice or know of a
good website that offers tips and tricks as to what I am trying to do,
it would be very appreciated!
SolidWorks 2004
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Art Garibay
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Hey Art, If by default you mean fit-to-screen than yes.
RMB on an empty part of the tool bar and go to custimize. On the Keyboard tab look for View in the left pane and Zoom to Fit in the right pane, and assian a hot key to it.
HTH, Muggs
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Maybe I'm missing something, but what is Default View? Ctrl-1, through Ctrl-8 are hotkeys to the various std views.
I can send you a listing of all the keyboard shortcuts, lots of shortcut macros, and my .CUS file that includes the ties into them. Let me know if that's what you want to do.
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Wayne Tiffany
Take my advice and accept Wayne's offer of the shortcut macro. What used to be a nice addition is now a "MUST".
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