Alpha Testers Wanted for New Sketching Addin that Sketches Obrounds

I'm looking for alpha testers for Sketch Plus! 2004 Alpha 1, which is a
Technology Preview Edition of our planned first SolidWorks addin product.
The product is time limited, and expires at midnight March 31, 2004. It
contains just one well integrated sketching tool - Obround. More sketching
functionality is planned, once all the known fixable bugs get fixed.
I'm really looking for feedback at this stage - either post to this thread,
or email us. A javascript encrypted email address and details of how to
download the product are on the website.
I'll also be giving on copies on CDR to people I meet at SolidWorks World,
so I might not post much to this thread until after I get back.
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Paul Delhanty
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I don't get it. Sketching obrounds? Ever heard of pallet features? Ever heard of Macros? Sorry if I am missing the boat.
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Hi Swuser,
Thanks for your feedback. Sure, you could use pallet features or macros - that's your perogative.
The idea of the addin is to improve sketching productivity. With the addin, you can sketch an obround within an *existing* sketch by clicking the center, clicking the corner, adjusting length and width and hitting OK. I think I can improve on that in the future by adding support for snapping the corner to standard sized obrounds, eliminating the need to type the length and width. You also get a nice graphical preview, a property manager, SolidWorks like snaps, automatic relations and inferencing lines; which you don't get with a macro.
We've had a few downloads from the website and gave out a couple of hundred CDRs at SolidWorks World. The idea of the exercise was to gain user feedback on the concept. If everyone thinks like you, then probably we'd have to rethink whether to proceed with the project. We have had some indication that for *some* users the addin could save a lot of time, so for now we are continuing development, improving the level of integration, and adding new shapes.
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Paul Delhanty

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