Any method to fix up and down when rotating

Working with building and big steel structures no one actually wants to tilt their models

Its SW 2005,

Looking for at check mark in "always up" "fix vertical" or something like that.

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I don't believe there's anything to help you out. You could click on a vertical axis and rotate around that, but there is nothing that will keep one end up. You might be able to control that with a spaceball, not sure, but that would be paying more money for less functionality. What if you have to see the bottom of a joint?

I think you will find that there is some value to seeing things from another point of view. Model visualization is not about seeing things represented the way they're found in the real world, its about seeing what you need to see. When you go in a building, do you only look down?

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Maybe I should explain better. It's not the orientation of the view of course I want to be able to look at every thing from any angel, but this could be obtained with only two rotation functions.

Imagine a house, the chimney is up. If I rotate in the ground plane I could look from N, E, W, S. and the "levitation" could go from 0 to 90 degrees. With these two functions I could see everything from any directions, correct?

The problem occurs if you rotate with the mouse out of the vertical or horizontal the house will tilt (or is it your head). It's not only in SW but also in the e-drawing viewer.

What in need is a function like the one on google earth where north is up.


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If you have a model view up like Front ( maybe an elevation of the structure), you can rotate that view with the right and left cursor arrows. The increment of these rotations is configurable in Tools->Options. But then, maybe I'm not understanding your description.


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bill allemann

I'm probably still gett1) if you want to rotate the image so the chimney is still 'up', try Alt-'arrow key', whih rotates the screen. You can change the amount of rotation for each click of the arrow key in tools>options (I have used

2deg for years)

2) If you want to quickly switch from plan view to elevation 1, elevation 2, etc, use SHIFT-'arrow key'.

When I want minor shifts in the angle of the view, I almost always use just the arrow keys instead fo the mouse (but again, I have them set to

2deg, not the default which is something like 15 deg)

Last note, likely not relevant but you do know that you can click any of the standard views (Front, Top, whatever) and use the 'update standard views' button on the view-orientation box (hit spacebar by default to get this to pop up on your screen) and redefine that selected view to your match your current view? This will only be useful if your plan view doesn't line up with any of the base planes and you really wish that SWx would think they did.

Ed BTW - I must admit my ignorance here - I do not know if any of this applies to the edrawings viewer, but I really doubt it (other than perhaps the changes in view-orientation - even-odds that makes a difference in edrawings).

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After thinking about this a bit, I thnk this would be a really good enhancement request. I usually want "up" in my view to remain "up" no matter what my other view angles might be. This result in having to wobble the view until it up rotates back to up. For some reason I do this rather than hold alt. (I should try to retrain on this. I've always known it was an option.) Some of my customers are barely more than casual users, and they don't seems to be aware of either method. After watching me do the view wobble (also necessary for parts) one client said 'I need to learn to do that".

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Makes me remember that playing "X-Wing something" before actualy helped me with SW when I started. Flying upside down and looking to a model in an unusual way has something in common. Just have to accept it, and then it's fine... My .0001 Eu JM

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X-Wing could do that to you. Did you ever play Descent? That game was hyped on allowing all 6 degrees of freedom. You could end up in some strange orientations fighting the bad guys. It was a real pleasure to fly, but with real annoying level design.

I agree that a CAD user needs to get used to looking at things from many different angles. My point is that I don't want to end up looking at the bottom of a machine if I'm trying to work on the top. I think that sort of thing would be a little easier if "up" stayed up. Ok, ask me what happens when I want "left" to stay left. Maybe I should just get a Spaceball. Maybe it would be good if SW allowed us to lock certain axes during view rotation.

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I've used a Spaceball for 10 years or so, and it changes your thinking about model rotation. Since it allows 6 DOF motion, you can "fly" around and through a model at will. It has the ability to lock out any rotation axis or direction of translation. To rotate about Y only, just lock X and Z.


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