Any way to propogate the Font sizes to multiple sheets?

I have had a change in format and need to change the font size for dims,
note, bom's..... anyway to have this go through multiple files and do it for
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I believe there is a macro at this site that will allow you to copy document settings from one file to another.
formatting link

It may work for you.
BEN EADIE wrote:
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Rock Guy
If anyone cares I found a macro on the net that does what I need, I modified it to my needs and the text for the macro is below.
Now if I could just figure out how to use the task scheduler to run this on multiple files... I have read the help in 2004 for running a macro on several files using the task manager, but it was not making sense to me at the time. Ill give 2005 another try, but any hints would be appreciated.
the macro is below
Cheers Ben
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Sub main()
Dim Now As Boolean Dim StdFont As Object
Set swApp = Application.SldWorks ' Attach to SolidWorks Set Document = swApp.ActiveDoc ' Get active document
If Not Document Is Nothing Then ' A Document is open FileTyp = Document.GetType ' Get document type If FileTyp = swDocDRAWING Then ' If it is a drawing continue else skip ahead SheetNames = Document.GetSheetNames
'*********** Set new defaults for Font settings on all annotation types **************************
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingDetailTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "20" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingDetailTextFormat, StdFont)
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingBalloonTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "18" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingBalloonTextFormat, StdFont)
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingDimensionTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "18" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingDimensionTextFormat, StdFont)
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingNoteTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic""" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "20" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingNoteTextFormat, StdFont)
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingGeneralTableTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "18" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingGeneralTableTextFormat, StdFont)
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingSectionTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "20" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingSectionTextFormat, StdFont)
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingSurfaceFinishTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "18" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingSurfaceFinishTextFormat, StdFont)
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingWeldSymbolTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "18" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingWeldSymbolTextFormat, StdFont)
Set StdFont = Document.GetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingViewArrowTextFormat) StdFont.TypeFaceName = "Century GOthic" StdFont.CharHeightInPts = "20" Now = Document.SetUserPreferenceTextFormat(swDetailingViewArrowTextFormat, StdFont) End If End If End Sub ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------
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