Anyone have the sketchfile macro from Dynabits?

Now that Dynabits is gone and I did not save one of my favorite free macros.
Does anyone have the sketchfile macro from the dynabits site in the past
that they can e-mail me?
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Ben Eadie
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That's all you have to say about that? "Dynabits is gone, please share some booty"
I'm sure if you have donated for "one of your favorite macros" and you have lost it now due to a crash of your disk Phillippe will send you a copy if you ask him.
[Ironic ON] I recommend that you do wnload all macros from any source you can find, there are too few people out there willing to donate and support so it may happen that tommorrow the next one will decide to drop his distribution. And yes, share them regardless of the license file, send them by email to anyone you know, who cares? [Ironic OFF]
I'm in a quiet despaired state about Philippe and Dynabits, for I think he was one of major support guys here and all over the world, a great programmer with some brilliant ideas, and now he is gone.
Phillippe, if you read this, Im really sorry :-(
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Stefan Berlitz
05.09.2004 09:44:49
Stefan Berlitz wrote in message
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page still exists and has links to contact me ...
Thanks Stefan :-)
Don't worry, I just followed your tracks and found a paid job...
I'm now with e-Systems, the swiss-french VAR, working mainly for watchmakers customers.
ex-DynaBits macros and add-ins *might* become available again through e-Systems, possibly through a portal where people will have to register and pay before they can download...
And I'll still watch this NG ;-)
Philippe Guglielmetti
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Philippe Guglielmetti
Philippe and Stefan:
I have been following you both with great interest. At one time, I thought of trying to write some programs for sale to SW users. After watching the two of you, I had decided against it. I am a bit disappointed by the lack of $upport you two have received. Great programs, many fans, but few paying customers.
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As someone who was independent for a while, what I always found was that it was the lack of leads and problems associated with trying to do everythiing in a person shop.
Needless to say, I am no longer independent...
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Evan T. Basalik

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