Area Fill driving me nuts...

Ok - has anyone ever run into this before -

I occasionally use area fills (dots) on a view (for shading purposes) to indicate a certain area of a surface that requires additional work, etc. and then create an annotation to that area. What's happening now is that the area does not show or print the dots (and only dots!) after applying an area fill. I can right click on the blank area after applying the dots, the curser changes to the crosshatch symbol and I can change the crosshatch properties to say, steel or any other crosshatch, and it works. As soon I go back to dots, its gone (no matter what scale the crosshatch is)

So the crosshatch is there, it's applied, it can be modified......but it's not there. It's can't be any display/ video problems since it won't print either. I've been a SW user since SW96, and can usually solve my own problems, but this one's got me. What ticks me off is that it's probably something simple and I'm going to kick myself if someone responds with a solution, but with me it's usually the simple things.. :)

I know it's not a major issue, but an annoying one, so I figured I'd post it here and see if anyone has run into this....BTW, I'm on 2004, sp2.1

Thanks, Scott

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Scott MacIntyre
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I have had this exact problem, with the dots, for a few years now. What I have found is:

Usually it works fine. Occasionally it doesn't work right. Rarely (if ever) will it work correctly on a detail view.

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Seth Renigar

Could it be the drawing precision. Maybe higher settings will resolve the problems. They seem to show here but that doesn't really mean anything.


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Corey Scheich

I can see and change my DOTS but they won't PRINT! I like to use the DOTS Area Hatch like Shading Films to mask areas. They used to work fine!

Today when I noyticed it I left an enhancement request on the SW website.

BTW - SW2005 SP0.1, DELL Precision 450, XEON, 2Gb, blah, blah, blah.

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George R.

Yea, that's pretty much how I use the dots too - Shading Film? Showing your age! ;) Brought back memories of when I was drafting by hand - Along with lead sharpeners, sandpaper pads, dust bags, drafting brushes, electric erasers, taping paper down and the technique of spinning/twirling the pencil (or lead holder) to keep the point sharp to create a constant line weight....Ahh - the good old days!! (BTW - I'm only 34, but that's how I started in school!)


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Scott MacIntyre

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