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Anyone know where I can download a good mouse driver for XP that will allow me to increase my mouse resolution higher than the standard MS drivers? My mouse is too slow for 1600 x 1200 resolution that I'm currently running on my monitor.


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I am using Logitech optical mouse with PS/2 plug - (didn't get as much mouse speed with USB). I have drivers from Microsoft Intellimouse 3.2 driver. It gives me all the mouse speed and resolution I needed. I also have my screen resolution at 1600 x 1200. Windows 2000 with SolidWorks 2004 sp 4.1

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thats great! it doesn't really help the original postor, though!

bob z. recommends making sure in the micro$oft intellimouse mouse driver settings box - the 'enhance pointer precision' box is NOT checked. this really should help.

bob z. p.s. finest smell in the world. except, maybe for...

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My old box had win2000 and that was fine for mouse speed. My new XP box mouse speed is much slower for some reason using the same mouse.

I downloaded both intellimouse drivers and Logitech drivers and they didn't change it a bit to make it any faster. I wonder if the mouse itself has much effect? I'm using a optical Memorex mouse.

Unchecking the enhance pointer precession box does help, but seems to have a funky kind of feel without it checked

Maybe I'm just being a picky?

Beta Monkey

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Beta Monkey

What's the best display resolution for working with SolidWorks? Advantages please. I am currently using SolidWorks 2004 SP 3.0, 19" CRT monitor,NVIDIA Quadra FX 500 in Dell WorkStation Precision 360 model.

Thanks., JRat

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My personaly preference is to use the highest resolution I can stand. I'm a little weird, my eyeballs can stand as low as 65Hz refresh reate for extended periods, especially if my background is not pure white.

The advantage of higher resolution is that you simply have more room on screen. I can see more in the FMT, and I can see more in the graphics area. When rebuilding a computer, the default 800 x 600 actually brings on a claustraphobic sensation.

There is something to be said for balancing resolution against video card speed. If you find that your video card cannot cope in a satisfactory way with the workload, a lower resolution can help it.

Display resolution is not set in stone. You don't even need to reboot windows (amazing...) to change it. Try it out and see what works for you.

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Just a thought, is your mouse "acceleration" turned down or off.


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