I'm a long time user of Proe just getting my feet wet in SW. I miss
"backup" in Proe where you could backup an entire assembly into a
folder, zip everything in the folder up, post it on someone's ftp site
and have that person pull up the entire assy w/o missing a beat (or a
part ;-) ).
Does SW have an equivalent? It seems when I do a "save as" in SW into
another folder it only saves the assy and not the children underneath.
What am I missing?
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From the SaveAs dialog box, click on the references button on the lower right. Select all the references you want copied, browse to the folder you want them in and hit OK. Then finish saving the assembly and you should be all set.
You might also look into using SolidWorks Explorer to copy the assembly. That has the advantage of not needing to load the assembly in SW to make the copy.
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Dale Dunn
Or you could also go to File, Find References, Copy, and aim it at a new directory. Save As messes with too many other things for my taste. If you're in SW already with the assy open, use File, Find References, if not, then SW Explorer.
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You could also try:
File> Send to and pick the "SLDASM and other documents it references" option.
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Kev Parkin
You can download an add-in I developped to unfragment and backup a assembly with all it's sub-assemblies and parts
Just follow the link :
formatting link
was inspired by Jeff Prosise's Unfrag program.
You will find instructions in UnfragAndZip.txt
Hope it can help you
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Pascal Scanu
matt wrote in news:Xns956ADEF50F638mlombardfrontiernetn@
I never noticed that option before. I'll have to keep that in mind.
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Dale Dunn
I agree with Matt. File/Find References is more robust. Also has some features to allow mass renaming.
Generally you have three options:
SaveAs with References (be sure to do a SaveAs back to the original directory or unexpected results may ensue.)
File/Find References with copy.
SWExplorer which allows for some powerful renaming and versioning functions.
One thing you must be carefull about is that SW will not save things in inactive configurations.
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