Batch plots and conversion software

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good batch plot software for
Solidworks? I don't need lots of functionality, and the cheaper the
better as long as it does the job. Mainly I need control of sheet size
and quality. Also, filters are a necessity or at least the ability to
delete or "unselect" any file that I don't want plotted. The Task
scheduler works, but sometimes is as much trouble as help.
Also, a program that does batch conversions would be nice with similar
functionality as mentioned above. Or another alternative is a batch
program which will allow a macro to be done once the file is opened.
I appreciate any ideas, preferences and input.
Thank you,
Craig S.
Force Design, Inc.
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I share your opinion on the Task Schedular, even if I haven't used it in SolidWorks 2006 yet.
I use PAC4SWX for 99 of my Batch ploting and the full version of Bluebeam for batch printing PDF's
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for Bluebeam Plus
John Layne
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John Layne
Try Propagator from Custom Solids
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've been using it for a while now with no major issues
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Nev Williams
Open SW Viewer then go to windows explorer, select the drawings you wish to print, right click and select print. This will print the drawings to your default printer with the last setings you used in SW viewer, cheap as hell.
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