I'm experimenting with blocks for (nearly) the first time in SWX, and was
wondering whether it is possible to:-
a) Mirror block instances
b) Change the line pattern of instances (e.g. to dashed, for hidden)?
John H
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John H
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In the mode of editing the block you can mirror individual or groups of entities (using sketch commands).
If you are looking for a complete mirroring of the block as an entire "instance", then I'd suggest saving a copy of the original block. Explode the copied block and then mirror (and/or rotate, move, scale the entire sketch using Tools/Sketch Tools/Modify.
In either the edit block or explode block modes you can change the line style, thickness and/or color using the Line Format tools.
It's good practice to make sure the scale of the drawing sheet on which you create a block is set as 1 to 1. If the scale is set otherwise, all sorts of undesirable things can occur with the relative positioning of text, etc. when the block is subsequently exploded...
Per O. Hoel ____________________________________________________
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John, Per's explanation seems to refer specifically to blocks in drawings, which I have no experience with. Since you asked about line patterns I assume that's what you were looking for, but to add to that... In a part / assembly sketch, you can mirror individual blocks (including about a centerline contained in the block). You can switch the entire block back and forth between construction and not- construction geometry, but doing so effectively edits the block and turns everything inside to one or the other. -Mark
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Thanks for the comments.
Seems like yet another enhancement request is required....... I've been used to this functionality on the 3 previous CAD systems I've used.
John H
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John H
As someone who has never used blocks in SW (I did when I used AutoCAD for 12 years). What are you making blocks of and how do you use them.
Note - this is not meant as a jibe - just wanting to know how others are doing things so that I may adapt them for my own use.
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