Braaking all links from teh model?

hi all,

I want to use a SW drawing in some promo literature and want to sever all links to the model so I can make changes to in SW before exporting to Photoshop, but I can't find a way to sever the link to the model? Any ideas much appreciated. TIA.



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Try SaveAs>Detached Drawing. This will cause the drawing to load without the model you can then decide wether or not to load the model, as I understand it.


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Corey Scheich

Export out to a DWG or DWF

Regards, Scott

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Hi Jag,

Possibly you might need a detached (also called rapiddraft) version of the drawing.

Or, if you need "line art" version of the drawing, save it to .dwg and reopen it in SW. It will come in as line art and will not respond to the model anymore. This is a one way process for the drawing, but might be what you are after. It almost goes without saying, but saving it to a new name would be an extra step of protection so that the "original" is not overwritten when reading the drawing back in.



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Sean-Michael Adams

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