needs help from all car modelers ... What are your favorite reference sites???

Hi Gang:
Tony M here from
formatting link
- Tony Matteliano's
Scale Model Index with links to 3700+ scale model related sites.
On my site I have extensive reference sections for aircraft, armor,
and ship modelers.
I want to build a section of reference sites for car modelers. I
currently have less than 10.
What sites do you car guys visit when you want to reference a subject
you want to build? List the links here or even better, visit
formatting link
and click on the 'submit link a link" link on
the left side of the screen.
Thanks in advance car modelers!!!
Tony Matteliano
formatting link
Matteliano's Scale Model Index
Providing links to 3700+ scale model related sites
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Hey Tony, Usually when someone needs a link I send them to your place :-) Check with Dave Lindsay, he has most all the auto (1:1 and scale) stuff covered.
formatting link
formatting link
model stuff
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chuck ryan
visitwww.scalemodelindex.comand click on the 'submit link a link" link on
I use the images option of google. I am amazed at the subjects I find pictures on- I like to build weird, lesser known subjects and even they usually have lots of pics on Google images.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
I use that technique also; it's a great way of tracking down good websites with the stuff you want.
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Pat Flannery
Third - Google Images rocks!
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however, if you are searching for "models" and you don't have safe search on, then you need to go through a lot of images that aren't what you were looking for. what a terrible task.
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I'm always very specific when I search for models...that way I always get what I want...whether I'm looking for it or not...
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