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I resent that remark. I don't have a basement... ;-p

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Al Superczynski
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> hasn' been done in awhile... > > any kids posting here? > > any women here? I personally don't know any women who build/collect > models. > > or is it just a bunch of old farts filling their basements with stuff? > > Craig

There is a lady up in your end of Californy who builds car models. Even with neuropathy she builds better cars than I ever did. You can find her stuff on E-bay under the name 'mustanggal', IIRC. Jackie is her first name. More than that I wouldn't say.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

57 and trying to maintain equilibrium in the basement.
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No basement either. Just the 2nd floor of this old Victorian 'barn' since the last two kids left 10 yrs ago :-)

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Chuck Ryan wrote in news:1148440744.828482.254270@

Hi All,

Dennis Loep, male, from Enschede in the east of the Netherlands, near the German border.

36yo, so no old fart (yet). I CAN feel like one sometimes, but most of the times I (like to) feel younger.

About 700+ 1/48 plane kits in storage. Plastic, resin, paper etc. Have built some 50 over the years. I live in a converted horse barn, so all the kits and work space is up in the insulated hay loft. No basement, but still space left!!

Have worked in a model shop, a lubricating oil/grease producer and am now working in civil construction, where I lead teams building concrete structures on, under and above ground. Like overpasses, parking garages, fly-overs, rail road bridges etc.




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Mechanical Menace

So whats wrong with being an old fart who makes models...thought it was part of the thing, train spotters have anoraks, we are old farts...well

46 actually

and yep..its the basement thats the modelling room/workshop, and like most modellers working in the space that you cannot swing a cat round in, never mind a 1/72nd B-52 (that might be why its now got its wings on yet)

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Glenn wrote in :

At 35, I sometimes feel like a kid when I'm at IPMS meetings (surrounded by old geezers)...

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Harro de Jong

a whole floor? my stuff lives in the second bedroom's closet. i would kill for a floor in a house. well, i'd kill roaches or rats, anyway.

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"old farts filling their basements with stuff". Well I guess that pretty well describes me. Actually I just turned 68 and have been model building since I was about 8 or 9. I build models in the Fall and Winter and compete in black powder rifle competition in the Spring and Summer. Also Baltimore IPMS member.

Bill Shuey


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William H. Shuey

Yep : )

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Jessie C

Not quite an old fart yet (I hope) at 46. Started modelling again about 5 years ago and have made 59 1/72 models in that time. I have about 145 kits in the stash in the garage (where my modelling is done). I share the garage with 2 cars and 2 dogs.

Cheers Ultan

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Ultan Rooney

Both 14x12 brms plus most of the walk-in attic. All this space and everything is still a mess :-)

-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Chuck Ryan

=== Will turn #@%&* this November, and retired last November. However, I do not consider myself an OF. No basement here in Texas, so the stash is in the garage, some 300 models of which about 50 percent are in some state of completion.

There are two husband and wife teams in the club I belong to. They (the ladies) do build some very good contest quality models.

The wife and I share one of the bedrooms for her arts/crafts and my modeling. I am working on a mobile workbench so I can work on models and watch TV at once - or at least try - then roll it away when I am not working on models (will post some pics on abms when I get it completed - about another week).


Ray Austin, TX ===

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Ray S. & Nayda Katzaman

"Ray S. & Nayda Katzaman" wrote in news:

Always makes me think of one of my favorite artsist who came from Austin, Texas. Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Thank you for that.


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Mechanical Menace

i hate you! (g)

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some 450 models..... in my bunker......

Greetings TDC The Bunker Collection


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Apparently I am unique --- have more built than in my stash.

Webmaster for our local club. Come on over and look around.

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Bill Hicks predicted that on Thu, 25 May 2006 04:31:47 GMT, "Ultan Rooney" would write:

My wife and I build, I'm 42 shes 21 (the second time around) ;> we have a 1000 sq ft trailer and we use the middle room. It's about 7x8 or so and we built two benches (had to assemble them in the room) on either wall and put up shelves above them. She does rockets and RCM planes I do the regular plastic models and love to spare part build. (not just kit bashing, I take anything I can find, spark plugs, old hard drive insides, mouthwash bottle, when she was in the hospital they let me take home her iv set, old primers, parts of her infusion set (she is a 32yr diabetic) etc and make stuff out of them. I haven't seen or heard of anyone else that dose what I call "spare part model building", just kit bashing, oh well. It dosen't take a lot of space to bulid and have fun.

Paul & Victoria Heisner Keep Buildin'!

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Paul & Victoria Heisner

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