What's your favorite sites for DIY and plans?

I've seen, and bookmarked a few sites posted here over the last few
years, but can't seem to find them again among the hundreds of URLS in
my bookmarks file. Starting fresh with Seamonkey and setting up folders
for categories of interest. Interested in sites with general DIY stuff
like Make:Online and Instructables. There were a couple other sites
posted that had plans, mostly in DXF, including one with oval and square
gear projects perfect for laser cutting. Non-metalworking sites are cool
too, I can wield a soldering iron if the schematic is fairly simple and
well documented, and working with wood is fine too.
I'll keep Googling and adding anything of interest, just thought I'd
solicit input on other's favorite sites.
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Jon Anderson
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Some of these have been mentioned in RCM, others maybe not...
Build a Pop-pop boat
model steam engine plans
Gear template generator
stock metric gears Spur Gears et al
Composition and Physical Properties of Alloys
formatting link
Custom LCD panels
formatting link
Notes on Workshop Techniques [? perhaps there's a more direct link]
Making Digital Camera Microscope Adapters (Kinch)
formatting link
Anodizing Aluminum
Electro plating iron on copper soldering iron tips
formatting link
Metal fab and metal removal,
(and other links from , eg misc. projects metalwork-relevant links)
Ionization Chambers
formatting link
And wandering off your topic, How to not build or operate an incline
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James Waldby

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