Can this be done ?

I have already put this to my Var, but I will put it to the group and see what we come up with.

I need to annotate a hole in a drawing, and I need all the info driven by the model.

Currently I can point a leader to a counterbore hole and I can say


The way I go about that is dimension in the solid the depth and the diameter Then create an annotation in the solid, click in the anotation the appropriate dimensions and vioala. In the darwing I just select the contents of the annotation and recreate it in the drawing.

Now the chalenge

I need the leader to also indicate tolerance


C'BORE (DIA)5+0.005x10 DEEP -0.007

Or have H7 or whatever tolerance I have assigned to the hole.

I can have a dimension leader to the hole and show diameter and tolerance. I can have an annotation leader and show diameter and depth.

I cannot have both


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Hello Giorgis- Have you tried this? In the part file, create your Dimension using the Smart Dimension Tool. Add your tolerances and notes using the Property Manager of the Dimension. Then, in the drawing, Click on "Insert", "Model Items", "Dimensions". Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell

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Devon T. Sowell

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Just use the hole callout command in the drawing view & click on the outermost circular edge -- it will update parametrically to the hole wizard hole hope that helps

Steve tietz

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Steve Tietz

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