Cosmosxpress in SW2003 VS SW2004 Something Fishy

Have you noticed they have made Cosmosxpress weaker in SW2004 than SW2003. In SW2003 you can create your own material and define it. SW2004 will not let you do that. What gives SW you should let us know when you weaken a tool just like when you tell us about making one better!

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i think this is now done in sw part

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kenneth b

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I don't know that they weakened it, they just made it a whole lot more complicated. Aparently, SW now uses the material assigned using the little widget under the annotations in the tree. You can't change the SW library, but you can create a custom one and use it.

Also, as Paul said, all of the standard materials are in metric. Setting the document to inches doesn't seem to affect it. Why the F#%K would they want to make these metric, and unchangable ?? Isn't this an American program ? I work in the medical field and deal with metric allot, but I think and work in inches/pounds. Why the hell isn't it as easy to use either in Cosmos-E, as it is in SW. Major screwup IMO. Get a clue SW



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the mothership of SW is european. and all in intern are coded in metrics. others units are just a conversion. and less calculations is less bugs. why americans don't want to use metrics ? they already loose a mars explorer satelite cos they 're screwed up metrics and inches. joking :)

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"TTB" a écrit dans le message de news: bpknk4$adb$

SW is from the start an american company. I have worked with a few, including UL, that are using metrics.

The latter the switch to metric, the more painfull it will be. Our Brittons neighbours understood this more than 20 years ago.

My .01 mm


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Jean Marc BRUN

what is a pound?

I know an inch is the length of King John's thumb joint and a gallon is the amount that King Etyhelred could urinate in the morning after a night drinking with his band of housecarls.

The only good thing that Napoleon gave us was the mm which is of course a measurement of his private parts!! :-)

Joking aside - try the metric system - you might find you like it.

in happy diversity - Regards

Jonathan Stedman

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.454 kg., but you knew that huh....

Hmm.. maybe it was the "meter". Maybe that' what he's holding under that jacket.

Don't have a problem with metric. Sometimes I'll even write a CNC program in metric because it's more accurate. It's just that after 53 years I don't "think" in metric.

The point is, since people of both persuasions use SW every day, we should have a choice.



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Mark M

For those having to convert units, check out this freebee units Engineer's conversion calculator at the site below. It's the best I've seen yet. I will be upgrading from SW2001Plus to SW2004 in about a week. Looking forward to using the CosmosExpress to see reactions to applied loads and stress values on plastic extrusion shapes.

formatting link

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Terry Robb


CosmosExpress is fun but make sure you understand its limitations. I mention this because you said you are using plastics. The program is not accurate when you get into the nonlinear range which you may well do with plastics.


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I have significant doubts that the U.S. will ever really convert. Although a few industries have, I wonder if we have already reached saturation.

That said, I really lament that SW was internally metric, instead of unitless. When I try to import a 1"x1"x1" cube in an IGES file into SW, it doesn't successfully import. Apparently the 1" dimensions were getting rounded at some point so that the sides were not parallel to each other.

Inventor really frustrated me with its poor handling of Feet-Inch. It felt like watching a foreign film that has been dubbed into English. I now learn that SW has some similar problems... defining materials library must be done in metric, regardless of your settings for english units. But, if you set a custom density for a part, that is done in english units.

As an aside, I think English units really are better anyway! The metric system seemed to be more politically modivated than adopted for pratical reasons.

Joe Dunfee

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