Windows Installer - Humbug

Don't let it fool you. My install time was more like 10 minutes start to finish.


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Richard Doyle
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I just downloaded the SW 2004 SP01, and running it, it says "Time Remaining:

63 Min."


The longest I ever waited for a service pack to do it's thing before the Windows Installer was about a minute on the largest of SP's.

What the heck is going on!! Rant Over, we now return you to your regularly scheduled NG.


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Yeah Now I feel like a dope. Of course as soon as I sent my email it went down to 6 Min. and took about

15 Min. over all.

Thanks Richard, Muggs

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maybe count to 20 before clicking the send button :)

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bill allemann

Bill, that's a VERY good rule. When I really get a rant going, I'll save something as a draft and then look at it later to see if I shouold really send it.

E-mail can be way too immediate.


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John Kreutzberger

But let's not forget that despite the un-seriousness of his issue, he had a point to begin with. Installshield was way better. Even an additional 9 mins is a long time to wait for no added benefit.

Windows Installer sucks and was a solution to a non-problem.


- Eddy

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Eddy Hicks

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