Creating text on dome

It just ain't wrapping around a dome at all. The surface
is like all mucked up. about to pull out the can-o-whoop azz and go to
Ok what am I missing. I need a to get the text to go around the dome
on a compound curve. ie from the top of the dome create a 3 point arc,
project it onto that dome face, convert the projected curve into a 3D
sketch, and then use that as the curve that the text will follow. Just
not going no exactly how I would like.
"I'm a shakin da can..reeeeeeeeal soon"
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Arthur Y-S
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You can't wrap text around a un-circular surface. It's been like that since SW04
Regards, Scott
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Just a couple of thoughts:
You will probably have to place the text one character at a time from planes tangent to the dome surface. Have fun.
You might also create the text on a flat surface and then deform that body to more or less conform to the dome and subtract it or do a cavity.
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I would create the arc on the (flat) bottom of the dome, or create a plane there. Next insert your text and use the arc as your guiding curve in the sketch text dialog. Then I would extrude the text using the "offset from surface" option and select the dome as my surface. I'm not sure it will produce what your looking for but that is where I would start.
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Rob Rodriguez

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