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Yeah, I've noticed that on some other features too, like the deform. Curves don't work, but converted entities in a 3D sketch do. I'm just glad something works.


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So I have been doing this work around for sometime now. Mayb eone of > you can answer this for me. > > If I try and do a surfae fill, where my boundaries are formed by > composite curves, or projected curves created with sketch on sketch, > it doesnt work. If I then take those same curves and convert entities > as a 3D sketch....NOOOO problem. > > I could still use the surface loft on the composite curves and > projected curves.....ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > > Philll me in....ha ha ha > > >
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Ed Eaton may know? maybe?

Ed can you shine any light on this subject?

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Todd Anderson

Because, it's another pita consistent/inconsistent thang SW Corp has never fixed or care$ to fix.

Will they ever make it consistent?????????????????????????????????????? Will they ever have direct access to the curves during a feature edit or rollback? Will you ever be able to share them?

How long will the convert entity game go on............????????????????

.. ;^/

Todd Anders>

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Paul Salvador

I didn't know, but I had a guess which I got confirmed by a contact at SolidWorks. It was just a choice that was made when they put in surface fill back in SW2000 - they didn't get around to implementing composite or projected curves for fill because they were thinking that the product would be heading towards using 3D sketches to do this sort of stuff. I'm with matt in my own jaded way - I am just happy something works, though the reality is its pretty darn annoying.

Side point - I find that I have to use composite curves a lot instead of converting edges into a 3D sketch because 3D sketches will often create disjoint contours out of continuous edges. Composite curve has better math or something and will (almost) always stitch into a single curve, which can then be converted into a 3D sketch resulting in a continuous contour. Hows that for another ARGH?

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Edward T Eaton

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