Creating a sweep on a curved surface

What is the best way of creating a swept geometry along the perimeter of a hole
cut through a curved surface? Or maybe I should ask what is the best way of
making the edge of the cut hole a curve to use for a sweep.
Thanks in advance
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Henri Miller
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"Henri Miller" wrote in news:1116002462.adb571a525bdb03fc5f128791dd730f4@mybinaries:
You can use the edge directly as a sweep path or GC. You could also use convert entities to make the edge a spline in a 3D sketch. Then there's the composite curve.
If it's important to keep the profile you're sweeping oriented in a particular way, a sweep may not be the best or most reliable choice. You might consider a loft to do the same thing. It's difficult to give a good recommendation without seeing the geometry.
Good Luck,
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You could also try the "Smart Selection" for the path instead of a composite curve. New in SW2005.
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