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We just discovered that the dirty bit (not naught bit...) is not being set when you open a part & change a document property such as units. If you make the change and then close the file, it doesn't prompt you to save it first - it just closes & drops the changes. Works the same way in SW2004 SP4.1 & SW2005 SP0.1. Is this the way it's supposed to be?


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Wayne Tiffany
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Beats me if it is "suppose" to be that way. I noticed it a long time ago, thought it strange, but didn't send it in. I figured they would just poo poo it.....

Mr. Pickles

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Mr. Pickles

bob z. has never noticed this behavior before. why? 'cauze he is a paranoid freak! he has a robotic hand that hits CTRL-B and CTRL-S like it will put money in his bank account!

bob z.

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bob zee

damn!, it doesn't put money in the bank!


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I noticed the same behavior with changing properties. I created a macro for doing some costing. You start in a drawing with a selected view and it picks up all of the parts in the assembly shown. Then it reads their Custom Props and populates a table. Then the user can change the props from the drawing without opening any parts. Works sweet. But I have to save each part whenever a change is made that affects the custom props or it doesn't prompt to be saved. I had thought that the saveflag..........Oh wait you can programatically set the save flag Modeldoc2::SetSaveFlag. OOOh I have to fix this now.


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Corey Scheich

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