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I want to do some editing to the calloutformat.txt file so that I can get my hole call out format the look the way I want it. For the most part I have been able to figure it out but when dealing with multiple holes the hole callout annotation tool puts the number of instances in front of the callout, for example 3X 3/8-16-2B. I would prefer to handle that a little differently but from looking at the calloutformat.txt file I cannot see where it is picking up the number of instances. When I look at the properties of a hole callout annotation in a drawing I see that there is a variable for the number of instances, . I added that same variable to the calloutformat.txt file at a different location in the hole callout and the number of hole instances do show up in the callout in the drawing but of course it is repeated, once in the origial location and once in the new place that I put it. Now that I know how to add it to the location where I want it I need to know how to remove it from the original location. I searched the entire calloutformat.txt document and does not show up anywhere. Does anyone know how to edit the calloutformat.txt document so that the number of hole instances does not display?

Thanks, sorry for the long and I am sure confusing post...

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This has been assigned an SPR (finally) along with other fixes to the hole callouts. It has been this way since 2004 SP2 or 3 I think. Was originally told that this was the drafting spec I was using and wouldn't be changing it but finally they are going to fix this.

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