Error in 2D Projection

Hi there,
I have come across a problem. With some of my models, when you create a
drawing and insert the standard 3 views, some of the views are displayed
incorrectly. The top section of the view is missing and the lines are not
joined up. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Are your views displayed in "Draft Quality"? If they are try setting it to High and see if that helps.
R&E wrote:
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Thanks - Yes the views are set to 'High Quality' The strange thing is, when you select the problem view and create other projections from it, they seem to be ok.
It's no so bad if you have to do it manually for a few parts - but I have created an automated APP that does this, so I can batch convert Sldprt to Slddrw with the same views.
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I have selected Hidden Lines removed - and when I select 'shaded with edges' it does display ok - but when I save the drawing as a dxf and re-open it, the same problems happen - the top is chopped off and the profile is not joined.
Its works fine for the left view projection but not for the right - I am confused!
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